Mens seniors interclub

Interclub senior, aged but proud competitors

Club de golf la Vallée du Richelieu, winner group 1 senior 


Interclub Senior,


Congratulations to the New Champion Club, La Vallée du Richelieu with 43 points in front of Whitlock 34, followed by Royal Montreal 27 pts and finally Hillsdale with 16 pts.

La Vallée du Richelieu surely remembered their defeat of 2017 at the hands of Royal Montreal by only 1 point.

Do not be fooled by appearances, this category with gray hair (for those who have some left) is more competitive than ever. The Interclub Senior Class (55 years old and up) is the most popular of the 3 classes (75 participating clubs) and it becomes more and more difficult to qualify for their respective teams, moreover, some clubs even have super-senior (65 and over, 2 per teams mandatory) with handicap factors even lower than 4.0.

Most Interclub Class A teams are formed in part by these Silver Fox ...

Yes, these clever foxes have more than one tricks in their bag.

Francis Duff
Interclub coordinator