Juniors interclub

Implementation of the new presentation for junior interclub in 2018

For nearly six years, I have been in charge of junior interclub and I have seen the gradual deterioration of the junior interclub situation. The present situation requires us to reflect deeply on the future of this competition. The 2018 season will be the beginning of a new way of doing this competition.

Some numbers ?

In 2011 30 teams in the South and 17 teams in the North.

In 2017 24 teams in the South and 12 in the North.

A decrease of 30% in the number of clubs participating in junior’s interclub in the Montreal Association.

Causes and Consequences

Here is a statement of the main reasons mentioned,

- Decrease in the number of juniors in a club

- Instability of the junior program, one year 30 members the following year 10.

- Difficulty maintaining the number of 8 juniors and age categories.

- The number of juniors at the beginning of the season is undecided; the club registers and realizes the decline.

- The ignorance of the matchplay format that scares the youngest.

Solutions for the future
- Keep the matchplay formula for the first two groups of interclub. Tradition and clubs with structured junior programs.
- Form groups according to the possible number of juniors in a program of clubs, 8.6.4
- Use the modified Stabelford formula to attract more juniors and simplify the competition. 1 point and more, 2 point bogey, 3 points par, 4 point birdie, etc.
- Possibility of enrollment in the category adapted to its program, 8, 6, 4 players. The club that receives can’t change category.
- A club can register two teams, example group 1 and one team in group 5.
- Online registration of the team on July 1 with a $ 100.00 credit card guarantee, which will be refunded if the registered club meets the conditions. Sufficient number of players and is in good form on the day of the competition.
- The winning club continues to go up and the last one goes down.
- Group 3 there are 8 players and we take the 6 best results. 
- Group 4, 6 players, 4 best results. 
- Group 5, 4 players and three best results.
- Presentation of the list of players 1 week before the competition always online on the Blue Golf software.
- The host club, for example, group 4, receives the players in the formula that pleased the club, continuous play, crossover or shotgun starting times. Always the second Tuesday of August. (August the 14th in 2018)
- A club in the same group will receive only once every 6 or 7 years.
- To know the content of the groups for 2018, see the excel file attached to this email. The 3,4,5 group host clubs are determined for the next two years as they were to receive in 2018 with the old formula.
- The final formulation will be made for the spring of 2018 during the captains' meeting.
- A club in groups 3, 4, or 5, could receive 40 to 80 players in a kind of field day.
- For any question, Jacques Sevigny, jsevigny1953@gmail.com
- 450-561-8850