Mens interclub B

Interclub B, change in 2018

 Guy Quintal, Glendale captain, received his plaque for their victory

Interclub Class '' B ''

Despite the new deadline and the handicap report to provide ... To all Captains, congratulations! You did well.

2019 will be much easier to manage, given the experience of 2018 and its pitfalls settled. 2018 has taught us well and let us keep it in mind for 2019.

The 2018 Class B Champion was unquestionably the Glendale Golf Club with a magnificent victory (45 points) in Group 1. The Blainvillier Golf Club followed with 34 pts, Montcalm 22 pts and Boucherville 19 pts.

The Como Golf Club, with a win in Group 2 (in a hard-fought match, 36 pts) will join Glendale, Le Blainvillier and Montcalm in 2019 in the 1st group.

65 teams in 17 respective groups competed for first place and 70% of the host clubs won.

By the way, 780 players took part in this competition in 2018 and more than twice as many tried to qualify in their respective club.

Best Regards,

Francis Duff

Interclub Coordinator