Cancellation process

Tournament Cancellation Process

Tournament Cancellation Process

You can cancel your participation in a Golf Québec tournament.

  • You must first open your BlueGolf profile (click here).
  • Enter your personal information: username and password. If you have forgotten one of those codes, click on Password lookup and type the e-mail address that is already setup in your profile.
  • Click on the Tournament tab to see the list of all tournaments for which you are on the waiting list.
  • Select the tournament that you wish to cancel, click on cancel then on confirm.

Golf Québec’s Cancellation Policy

In general, when the registration deadline for a tournament is over, no reimbursement is issued if the player decides not to take part in the tournament. They are handled as “no shows”.

Medical problems:

The only situation where we might reimburse a player is if an injury prevents him from taking part in our tournament. An evaluation of your case will be made to see if we can reimburse your entry fee. Administrative charges of $25 will be detained by Golf Québec in these situations.

You must make a specific claim, documented and signed by your physician. If there is no medical letter, you will not get refunded.

Thank you for your understanding.