Change of the deadline date for the handicap factor (10.5 and up) interclub B

Hello to all Captains, their representatives and club managers.

As promised, the Montreal Regional Association is following up on our meeting of Captains held last September at La Vallée du Richelieu. Many of you have expressed and shared your concerns, observations and preoccupations concerning too much variation of the handicap factor for the Interclub B players which in some cases, could go from 10.5 to 7.2 at the date of the competition. This variation is most probably caused by too wide of a delay between the deadline date (1st Sunday of June) and the date of the competition (3rd Sunday of August).

Therefore, the Administrative Council of the Montreal Regional Association has taken the decision, that the deadline date for the handicap factor (10.5 and up) will go from the 1st Sunday of june to the 3rd Sunday of July. The intent is to improve the representativeness of the players with a handicap factor of 10.5 and more at the time of the Interclub B competition.

Also, a summary report* of the participating players’ handicap factor will hereinafter be mandatory which must be sent with the registration form for the Interclub B as well as be sent within the proper delay.
Report* (The summary report for the handicap factor is easily accessible in GGGolf or through Golf Canada.)

It is perceptible that this new measure may bring forth some modifications and adjustments for some clubs for the qualification rounds but the Interclub B will prevail since the fluctuation of the handicap factor of the players will diminish dramatically.

Best Regards,

Francis Duff

Interclub Coordinator