Less than seven days before the start of registration for the Amateur Tour, Junior and First Drive of the Montreal Regional Association.

Registration for the popular tournaments of the Montreal Regional Association will begin April 1 at 00:00. The amateur, junior and First Drive tournaments are all ready in and online at midnight.

Gold member card

The Montreal Association has changed its tournament registration process for the 2018 season. From April 1 to April 15, the player registering must enter their Golf Canada card number, 10 digits. Registration will be accepted on a temporary basis until a verification is made with Golf Canada prior to tournament acceptance. If the player is not active Gold for 2018, the registration will be refused.
After April 15, the player who registers must have his paid status with his club, and his golf club has declared it correctly at Golf Canada. This change will allow clubs to complete their process by April 15th.
In summary, make sure you have paid your dues to Golf Québec, your club or online for public golfers before the tournament acceptance process.
Criteria for eligibility and acceptance at tournaments.
Players who are members of a Club affiliated with Golf Québec and the Montreal Association will have priority if they register during the month of April. The other places will be allocated according to the registration date of the tournament, first registered, first accepted, regardless of the player's provenance.

Bronze members are not eligible