Junior tournaments of the Montreal Association have seen great players.

June 26th is the season start for the Junior Regional Tour of the Montreal Regional Association at Hillsdale Golf Club. The Laurentien course will receive the boys in shotgun at 13:00 and the girls on the Woodside course in continuous at 13:30. What a pleasure to play these two wonderful courses for $ 35.00. This tournament is also an important milestone in qualifying for the provincial junior championship, qualifications for the Quebec Games regions and the Junior Order of Merit for the inter-regional competition.

This tournament has existed for sixty years has seen great players who have made their mark in the world of golf over the years. Robbie Jackson. Daniel Talbot, Yves Tremblay (2), Yvan Beauchemin, Carl Desjardins, Éric Couture, Hugo Bernard, Raphael Lapierre-Messier and Brandon Lacasse have each put their mark on this event. Among girls, note, Katherine Gravel-Coursol, Annie Lacombe. All these people have marked the world of golf in their own way, academic, professional etc.

Montreal Junior Regional Circuit, Hillsdale

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