For the brand new Desjardins Circuit, the season will begin on June 25th at the well known and very popular Hillsdale Golf Club. Registered participants will have the opportunity to represent their golf club. Even public golfers who form their own team can participate. New this year, at each Desjardins Junior Circuit tournament, there will be a competition between clubs. This way, each player will have the opportunity to contribute to the success of its own golf club. For example, in Division I, 9 clubs will compete in a Stableford format whereby the 4 best scores will be retained. The ultimate goal for participants will be to win the Desjardins Cup for Division I and win a $500 prize for the Junior Program of its golf club. 

We encourage each junior captain to recruit as many players as possible in order to obtain the highest score for their team. All categories can participate including Pee-Wee or Bantam, even junior girls can contribute to the teams score. 

Two other divisions, II and III will be included based on 2018 participation. Therefore, Desjardins has remitted a sponsorship of $1500.00 for this new program. The scores compiled in the 7 tournaments of the circuit will be retained. 


Division I : 4 best scores of all players in the team 

Division II: 3 best scores of all players in the team

Division III: 2 best scores of all players in the team