Who are Golf Québec's members?
Golf Québec has three categories of members who receive different levels of services.
Our main members, the Member clubs, are private, semi-private, and public golf clubs with adults (men and women) and junior amateur members declared to us every year. These clubs are our full pledge members and benefit from all our services, without exception. They receive the Golf Québec / Golf Canada membership cards to be redistributed to their members.
Also, the amateur golfers who are members in good standing of those courses are automatically our members. They benefit from all our services and our added value program (upon presentation of our membership card).

We have a few public golf clubs among our members. Those clubs are identified as Affiliate clubs. As those clubs do not have any members, they do not receive any membership cards.

Finally, some golfers are not members in a golf club. For those individuals, we created the Public Golfer Program. Members of this program have access to some of the services offered by Golf Québec. ie: the handicap factor calculation, and participate on certain tournaments. For more information, visit the Public Golfer section.

How to become a member of Golf Québec?
You must be a member of a golf club which is member of Golf Québec. See the list of the member-clubs in our Club Directory. Another option would be to become a member of the Public Golfer Program.